Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Zoie!

Well, I finally gave in! Rob has been wanting me to blog for awhile. I have enjoyed hearing the updates Rob has given me from your blogs! I think I was avoiding this because it will be like scrapbooking for me...I will feel bad if I am behind, I will want to blog everything and won't be able to...all the usual scrapbooking guilts! At least this hobby is free!
Zoie's Birthday was March 28th and her party was on April 5th. Her Birthday is old news and was soooo long ago. In fact, Zoie is already telling people "I'm 3 but I'm going to be 4 for my next Birthday". The funny thing is that she tells people this ALL the time whenever anyone asks how old Ava is!
Zoie's party was definitely exciting. We enjoyed gathering all of her princess and prince friends. They were all so cute and seemed to enjoy themselves (especially the girls). I went all out as usual and Rob was definitely ready for me to stop talking about, shopping for, and crafting for the party! At least he makes a super girl dad and helped out where I needed. He frosted the entire cake and helped in its construction and of course helped to setup the party! What a good sport!
Here's a few of the party's activities: hair and makeup station, ribbon tiaras, necklace making, rings, pin the crown on the prince/pin the slipper on Cinderella, duck duck goose with a magic wand, and more. We had a lot of fun and I loved it...oh and I think Zoie did too!

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