Monday, June 23, 2008

Camp Farwest

We had such a great time with families from our ward. We celebrated Sara Baddley's 30th Birthday...they planned the whole thing and brought their boat. It was so nice. Zoie loved being with her friends. She also loved hanging out in the tent. I had to keep reminding her "go play!" Rob and the other husbands were so macho and swam across the lake and back. Rob hurt his leg on a rock and barely made it back. It was cute to see all the kids all excited when the daddy's got back! The ladies went out and Sara drove the boat while we went wakeboarding. Everyone got up and we had so much fun together! Way to go girls! There were a lot of kids and they all had a blast together- swimming, digging in the dirt, eating, exploring, and even boating! Rob threw Zoie on the tube (against her will) with Baysia and Mariah. She didn't like it at first but then enjoyed it and felt like one of the big kids! On our way home...Rob was offered his new job which was so exciting and such a relief. This really was a great little get away!

Ava's First Solids!

So all in all, Ava loved her first rice cereal experience! She was too cute. She even managed to eat it all and probably would have eaten more if I had made more. Zoie loved helping her too!

Yum, Yum, Yum!

Mother's Day

We had such a great day together!
We made a runway for my mom to show off the new clothes that we all gave her! At least Zoie enjoyed the runway, she was dancing and twirling and strutting her stuff!

Chelsea was in town which was fun as usual! Rob, Zoie & Ava spoiled me with a pink "hi-pod" which was a total surprise! The best part was talking to Cam on the phone from his mission in Brazil. He sounded so great! We are very proud of him.