Thursday, February 26, 2009

Music Time!

So, as you can see...the girls TOTALLY love going to Ms. Robyn & Ms. Kate's music time! We have been going for a while now. It is sooooo nice of them to do this for everyone: singing, marching, stories, dancing, & snack! Ava knows what to do, she has the whole routine down, she gets her own instrument and marches on her own even! It is fun to have this special activity on Wednesday mornings! Zoie is always asking is it preschool today? If the answer is no then, is it music class today? She loves having something to do to get us out of the house!

Happy Love Day!

We had a fun-filled Valentine's Day (& President's Weekend) this year! We went to Clovis to my Aunt Becky & Uncle Rick's house which is always a blast! My parents came (& their dogs) & so did my Aunt Stephanie with her 3 kids : Issac, Olivia, & James...Zoie loves every chance she gets to play with them!
We took a special Amtrak ride to Hanford (which is where my mom was born) and walked to Superior Dairy to have ice cream. I was really wishing I could just take pictures the whole is a really cool small town with a lot of character! It was Zoie's & Ava's first train ride & the whole day was quite a success!