Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life's Lessons

"Ava, Ava, can Daddy go now, can Daddy go now? He's going to do his very best!"

Isn't that a fine plea and statement to come out of the mouth of our almost 4 year old Zoie? This attitude however did not form on her own or over night. Who says the Wii is a waste of time?...Zoie is learning some of life's lessons through this fine piece of equipment! In the beginning the question was, "did you win" and if you did...all cheers! If you lost, Zoie was disappointed "awww you lost"? We figured this was not a healthy practice for such a small person. Rob has cut back his passion and intensity to win (at least when Zoie is involved) and we've realized that the Wii is just for fun! I would say that we are all happy with this conclusion. Much family bonding has come watching daddy score a perfect score on the heading, watching Zoie run like the wind (her personal favorite) and watching Ava block the tv (or catch the fish) personal favorite is the hula hoop in case you were interested! "Wii" are even working on being "Fit" in the mornings!