Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sisterly Love

This was so funny. Zoie had fallen asleep on the couch, in her sleep she moved and ended up on Ava! It was so sweet! Zoie loves having a sister. It is the best thing in the world watching Ava smile and laugh at Zoie. She loves when she talks to her and dances in front of her. So cute!


Mommy Pam sent Rob home from Utah with twin outfits for Zoie and Ava! Zoie loves it and would wants to match Ava (or me) every day! Thanks Mommy Pam! This should be the first of many twin pictures they will take together! Rob was so sweet and came home with gifts for each of his girls- a cute dress for Ava, a Disney princess beach bag for Zo, and a couple of cute things for me from Forever 21. Not that we want him to leave more often, but we sure did like our gifts! Ha Ha! Zoie told me "I want my daddy!" He is such a great dad! All his girls love him!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Thanks to our fun friends, I had my first fun Cinco de Mayo ever! We went to a park and had fun hanging out together. We all brought different things to share and it was really yummy! The kids loved going on the Baddley's new water slide. How fun! Zoie had noticed the pile-up that tended to happen at te bottom and was trying to avoid it at all costs! Poor Zoie is already very cautious like me! She did discover that it was fun for Rob to throw her on the bottom half of the slide. It was hilarious watching her scramble so quickly to get off. Zoie had fun in her own little way and especially loved playing at the park with her friends! Thanks Steve & Sara!

Zoie's "Work"

So Zoie has been "working" for almost a full year now! It has been a lot of fun! She is practically retired now because in most print modeling they skip 2T. Thank goodness for Zoie's sake she is almost fully grown out of 18 to 24 month size! GAP has really liked Zoie and actually use size 2T. They have been so good to her. This was from her fourth GAP shoot and she has one more after this that hasn't been released yet. They are so sweet to her when she goes and they all know her by name. Zoie loves her "work" and is so cooperative there. It cracks me up how well she follows their directions! It has also turned out to be a good way for her to meet cute boys! You can't tell from the pictures below. But at every GAP shoot she has taken pictures with little boys! It is so cute!