Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Photo Shoot (or 3)

So I am pretty lucky to have a daughter like Zoie. She is a girly-girl who loves to dress up and loves to take pictures! I have trained her well from the time she was little. What would I do without her? I get so happy when I get a cute picture of her. I love this one. It was last Sunday after church. She was especially in a modeling mood and was striking poses on her own. We had her hair in 2 french braids all day Saturday so she could have crimpy hair for church! This was also her new dress that she couldn't wait to wear! I know she is mine so I am bias..but isn't she so cute?
Ok, so photo shoot #2 was yesterday morning. I got the photo shoot bug again. I started with Ava because she was in a really great mood and because it had been too long since I had taken cute pictures of her. So, she was all dressed and I took her to the backyard with her Bumbo. Look how thrilled she was!
Ok, so she was giving me her crazy scowl! But she did warm up and I was able to capture her incredibly chunky arms and thighs!

Ava was most happy (as usual) lying on her back! She was so alert and was really staring at the camera a lot. I love taking pictures! I get so much satisfaction in capturing the moment and personality! Ava is so beautiful and brings so much happiness to everyone she is around! She really lights up when she is happy and smiling!

So, Big Sis saw what we were doing and wanted to get in on the action!

Ok, so I know you are bored by now. But I can't leave out photo shoot #3. I found a way cool vintage hot pink chair on Craigs List yesterday and they were selling it at an estate sale in Sacramento right then! We made it there just in time to watch a lady buy and drive off with my dream chair. Well, they had a gold chair, a wooden chair & a foot rest that were priced too good to turn down! I couldn't wait to see what they would look here it is!


val said...

Loved your photo shoots Linds. And what a great find on that chair. Sweet. We'd love to see you guys...

Brooke said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I love the chair as well!

The Feelys said...

I love the pictures Lindsey! You are an amazing photographer! I love the golden chair, wish I had one of those:) Are you still living in our old home ward? Or have you moved from Rocklin?


The Morgans said...

I love your new layout, mine need a make-over. I also love how beautiful and feminine your girls are and how talented you are. I also love that golden chair, what a great find!

Sara said...

You take cutest photos ever Lindsey! They are so darling. I LOVE ava's scowl and always will. And my favorite of Zoie is the one with the big flower. =) LOVE THEM ALL!