Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In the last post, Zoie was thanking me for the Bunny Milk. You may have wondered what she was referring to; this is what she is talking about. It somehow became part of our daily routine. I wake about around 6:45 everyday and go on the computer to read the Book of Mormon. Zoie wakes up around 7 and comes out and sits on my lap and says she wants to go up stairs to see mommy. As we walk up the stairs, she will say, "Daddy, I want some Bunny Milk." At first, I got annoyed that she wanted it every single morning. But now, I don't mind at all. I even thought about just making it for her the night before, but she would be so disappointed because it's her job to squeeze the syrup and to stir it in. After we make the Bunny Milk, I take her into bed with Lindsey and Ava and they all go back to sleep for about another hour. I love it. Cheers!

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val said...

Horray you guys have joined blogging world...you won't be disappointed. It's such a great way to keep in touch with friends. We hear you guys may be headed back this way. We hope so! Love that new little Ava...so cute. I'll be checking back often :)