Friday, February 29, 2008

My Valentine Girls

For Valentines Day, Lindsey had Zoie tell her what to write in my card. There's nothing quite like the words of a 2-year old, especially when it's your own kid. This one brought me to tears. I know I'm a 'softy', but oh well. Here is what she said: "Daddy, I love you, love you, love! I love you at work. I love you so much at home. Play games. I love you so much, fixing my hair. I like watching Shrek on your hiPod. I love you so much reading books because. Thank you for the bunny milk. Daddy is cute & hot! A B C D E F G and A for Ava. I like when you teach me. I love you so much Goodbye! Love, Zoie." - Priceless


The Morgans said...

You sure have some beautiful daughters, but I don't need to tell you that! What a good idea for Linds to be a scribe for Zoie. What a precious gift.

Hillybug said...

As if she isn't cute enough to look at, what a sweetheart. That's enough to make any dad feel like his daughter's hero! Glad you guys finally got on the blog train.