Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Scofield Ain't Got Nothin' on Me

For most men, there comes a time in your life when your hair starts thinning beyond repair and it's time to face the truth; for me that time had arrived. I had been wanting to shave my head for about the past year. Every once in awhile, I would test Lindsey to see what she thought about me shaving it all off. And every time she would say, "No, you still have a lot of hair."

The perfect opportunity finally arrived in mid-June. We were at the Baddley's house and it was late; late enough that reason had already left for the night. So in an attempt to do something fun, I suggested that they shave my head. I was half-joking, trying again to test Lindsey. But this time she said yes, and surprised me by throwing the ball back into my court. Up until now, I had just said that I wanted to shave my head, but now it was serious and I was hesitating. It took much persuasion from Steve, Sara, Jeff and Kate to convince me that it would look good - and that I would look like Michael Scofield. While they were being very kind, and in all fairness to Michael Scofield, I look nothing like him - more like Donny Osmond with a shaved head.

This is a decision that I haven't regretted. I really like my new "hair-style". It took a few days for me to grow a liking to it - it took Lindsey and the girls a few weeks, but they came around. So much thanks to Steve, Sara, Jeff and Kate for making me a little bit rock 'n roll.


ClingerFamily said...

Looking Good! I wish I could shave my head some days!

Howlett Blog said...

welcome to the club rob, nice do. I am loving it. you should have done it a long time ago (maybe you could have had a faster 400 time) keep it up